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Posted on the 4th of Oct, 2019
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V-UPGRATES is a comprehensive programme with which professionals in Vocational Education and Training (VET) can assess and improve their digital skills. Thus they are able to teach more effectively and are better equipped to prepare their students for the labour market.
The V-UPGRATES interactive platform (IO4) provides the opportunity for participants to first take a skills audit in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)(IO3). Upon that they receive detailed test results and suggestions for specific V-UPGRATES online courses.

Topics of the quiz and online courses are:
Internet security
​Virtual learning platforms
Online communication tools
Media editing
Web publishing
Interactive technologies in the classroom.

These topics are the results of a V-UPGRATES survey (IO1) among VET teachers. Moreover these empirical findings strongly correspond with Digital Competence Framework of the EU. Both reference systems have a focus on the management of one’s digital identity and reputation. Only if VET trainers and teachers are familiar with safeguarding of personal data, they are able to discuss with their pupils and e.g. to contribute to protect them from delicate online situations.

Overview of the autonomous learning process of V-UPGRATES:
Step 1: Test skills and knowledge with a multiple choice quiz
Step 2: Improve with V-UPGRATES online courses
Step 3: Evaluate with hands-on online tasks

Upon successful completion of all steps, each user receives a V-UPGRATES certificate. It validates the non-formal learning results. On top the user can get in touch with other VET teachers and trainers, moreover he/she gets information about face-to-face IT courses in their area, to even deepen the competences acquired in the online procedure.

All mentioned features are included in the V-UPGRATES interactive platform, which is to be found here: .

By the development and implementation of a self-regulated training process, the project consortium refers to findings of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) of the OECD (2013). According to this survey professionals in Vocational Education and Training have a significant need for more fully developed ICT skills (18%) and more effective incorporation of new technologies in the workplace (16%). Moreover TALIS shows that most VET teachers and trainers do not consider themselves digitally confident or able to teach digital skills effectively, with as many as 70% of respondents stating that they need more training.

Project aims in a nutshell:
• Improving the digital competences of VET professionals
• Furthering the professional development of VET trainers and teachers, thus achieving a systemic impact on teaching quality and learning outcomes
• Removing the most significant barriers to continuous professional development – namely schedule conflicts, a lack of incentives and prohibitive costs

V-UPRATES was developed within 30 months by an international consortium consisting of seven partners (IT enterprises, schools, further training institutions, universities) from Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Romania and Germany. Coordinator is the Institute of Civic Education, Leibniz University Hannover in Germany.
14 multiplier events took place for VET professionals, decision makers on regional and national policy level and coordinators for continuous professional development. The website shows all events and it comprises more details to the above mentioned intellectual outcomes (IOs):