The ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is the capstone of the Cyprus Computer Society that works with more than 200 Testing Centres on program management in order to serve thousands of students all over Cyprus. The ECDL is an internationally-recognized standard of competence, a widely acceptable certificate that asserts that the holder has the knowledge and skills needed to use the most common computer applications efficiently and productively in the workplace and at home. ECDL courses and exams are taken through the CCS’s network of Test Centres across Cyprus.

The ECDL in the Gymnasiums of Cyprus
The Council of Ministers, with its decision no. 81.195 dated 24/8/2016 for the "Implementation of the National Alliance for Digital Jobs", approved the priority actions for 2016-2019 which included, among others, the introduction of ECDL certification on a voluntary basis to students of Secondary Education in public and private schools of the same type ”. Conclusively, based on the above decision, the certification is given for the four modules of ECDL Wordprocessing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Databases and the cost of students' participation in the exams is covered by the government.

For more information visit ECDL Cyprus website:

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