CCS supports the Virtual sCYence Fair 2021 organised by the Cyprus Instute, on April 19-20, for students of 9-18 years old.

VIRTUAL SCYENCE FAIR 2021 - tomorrow’s scientists - our future
For students ages 9 -18 • Under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, the Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation, and Digital Policy of the Republic of Cyprus, and the Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation of the Republic of Cyprus


Monday 19 April & Tuesday 20 Αpril

Τel: 22208702, Fax: 22208625
Email: [email protected], Web:


(1) To apply for the Science Festival 2021:

Download and complete the Registration Form. This form includes a certificate that must be completed with the necessary signatures and seals from the School Principal and the responsible teacher.
You can sent the completed application form to the email address [email protected] or by fax to 22208625. Deadline: 6 April, 2021.
(2) Video with presentation of the activity

The video must have a maximum duration of 10 minutes and be in mp4 format. For more instructions on creating the video please contact [email protected]  or call 22208702.
The video should include a presentation of the activity with voice description by one or more team members. The exact form of the presentation depends on the creativity of the group, and can range from a simple presentation by one person explaining the activity through slides in Powerpoint, to the creation of a visualized video of the group where they group or alternately describe the activity with relevant shots from the activity.
(3) Other Material

School logo (for use in advertising material)
(Optional) Images / photos of the activity (for use in promotional material)

Last Day to Submit Registration & Video / Other Material:6th April, 2021


The participations of Gymnasiums and Lyceums will be judged by the students themselves, who with their vote on Social Media (50% of the total score) and by a CyI committee (50% of the total score) to highlight the 3 best entries from each category. The CyI committee will select the 3 best entries from the Primary Schools.

The winners of all 3 categories will be announced in the grand final, which will take place on 19-20 April 2021 and will be broadcast live with live steaming on YouTube and Facebook, through the page of The Cyprus Institute. It is noted that due to the special circumstances, both the presentation of the entries and the grand final will take place online, with the three most remarkable and imaginative proposals being rewarded.

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