CCS participates in the SpaceUpCyprus-LIVE event, which is part of the first Pancyprian Space Education Week , organized by the non-profit organization Cyprus Space Foundation, the project ‘EXCELSIOR’ H2020 W walls Teaming and the Center of Excellence of ‘ERATOSTHENOS University of Cyprus’.

During Space Week students, educators, researchers and members of the public will take part in various Space Actions such as online seminars and interviews (Space-Talks), Educational Space Missions (SPACEUPSAT) and Online (SPACEUP) Event CYPRUS).

The events culminate with the space day that takes place online on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 12:00 via Facebook Live. Dr. Masouras, CCS Board Secretary will welcome the online event.

Event Link:

Elpidoforos Anastasiou, [email protected]


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