CCS Representation at the 29th IFIP TC-11 SEC 2014

The 29th IFIP TC-11 SEC 2014 International Information Security and Privacy Conference took place at Marrakesh, Morocco between 2 and 4 of June 2014.

The conference was placed under the patronage of the King of Morocco and was organized by the Moroccan Association of Digital Trust (AMAN), the ORSCARS Laboratory of the Cadi Ayyad University (ENSA - UCA),  the UPM, the UHL, the Institut Mines-Telecom (France), and the SEE. The Conference was attended by 50 delegates representing all six continents. The subjects presented included intrusion detection, data security, privacy, mobile security, metrics and risk assessment, identity management and many more.

The conference was attended by our member Dr Philippos Peleties who represented Cyprus through CCS at TC-11. During the Conference Dr Peleties was awarded the Outstanding Service Award by IFIP and was elected as the Records Officer for TC-11. His duties and responsibilities will be to maintain the internal records forTC-11 and its associated Security events.


For more information regarding the conference, IFIP, and TC-11 please visit the following sites:

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