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We would like to inform you about the new internships' platform which has been developed by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering of European University Cyprus.

This platform aims to provide both real-life experience to our students and meaningful assistance to the operation of IT companies in Cyprus. It has been designed after carefully considering the shortcomings of current internship schemes. The Department has also received advice and feedback from its Industrial Advisory Board as well as from the University's Office of Student Affairs. Both these bodies have significant experience on the implementation of internship schemes. The basic paramaters of the proposed platform are the following:

1. It relates to the implementation of a specific industrial project within the premises of a company by one of our students

2. The project will be undertaken as an academic course (CSC/ECEC 418) by a suitably qualified student of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (BSc in Computer Science / BSc in Computer Engineering)

3. The project will be proposed / defined by the interested company and not by the students and / or the University

4. Both the company and the Department will assign a student mentor for the implementation of the project

5. The duration of the project will not be fixed (a minimum time duration of 12 weeks and workload of 400 personhours will have to be respected as a constraint)

6. At the culmination of the project, the student will be evaluated by both the company mentor and the academic mentor. The student will receive a respective grade and will be allocated with the corresponding course credits.

Detailed information about the implementation of the internship project scheme can be found in the document 'Departmental Policy Internship Platform' which is attached to this mail.

If you are interested in proposing an internship project for your company, please complete the form (attached below) entitled 'Internship Project Proposal Form' and submit it to Dr. Christos Dimopoulos ([email protected]). This address can also be used for any inquiries regarding the internship project course and its implementation. Needless to say, any recommendations for potential improvements of the above sch
eme are very welcome!

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