Project Description

The project provides hands-on guidance on how to include children with health challenges remotely into the classroom activities; in order to do this, we first carry out a survey to understand the obstacles better, as well as teachers'
and other stakeholders' hopes and fears. The overarching objective is to enable schools across Europe to introduce affordable telepresence robots into their classes while ensuring that they are really being used and don't end up in a closet.

  • The first objective is to carry out a needs analysis across a large range of European countries.
  • The second objective is to develop guidelines for schools on how to introduce TPRs into school organizations by taking all stakeholders into account and addressing possible resistance appropriately.
  • The third objective is to develop concrete recommendations for teachers how to organize the inclusion of children who participate remotely using a TPR in their classrooms. These recommendations address how to create a sense of belonging and digital empathy and how to organize classroom activities to support inclusion, but also practical considerations, such as recommendations regarding seating arrangements, distribution of responsibilities etc.
  • The fourth objective is to understand the needs of the children using the telepresence robots better and to inform the design of telepresence robot manufacturers regarding the specific requirements for the use of such robots in class.
  • The fifth objective concerns the further use of such robots for intercultural encounters and collaborative foreign language learning based on joint project work on sustainability projects in different European countries. Such activities will enable children to get acquainted with children in other countries with whom they share an interest in environmental topics, where the collaboration motivates them to increase their foreign language skills and to develop a curiosity for other cultures.



  • Funding source: Erasmus+ KA2
  • Project Title: Using Telepresence Robots in the Classroom
  • Acronym: InClass
  • Project Code: KA220-SCH-2021-018
  • Project Duration: 24 months 
    • 01/02/2022-31/01/2024
  • Total Budget: € 399.940
  • CCS Budget: € 46.572

Project Consortium

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