Project Description

Coding has a direct influence on student performance as it introduces new innovative methodologies and experiences in learning procedures. CODEDU strives to create a cutting-edge gamified e-Learning platform with an innovative curriculum and a toolkit for educators in this field. Through online workshops and the use of Arduino modules, secondary-level, upperprimary students and teachers will be introduced to coding and robotics, an upcoming & promising technology in the school education.

CODEDU will deliver:

  • A Synthesis report on coding and new methods of education, teachers’ training curriculum and material
  • A gamified e-Learning platform, forum and Workshops with Arduino modules and training material for secondary-level and upper-primary students
  • A Toolkit for school educators creating upskilling pathways for them.


Project Title: Using new learning methodologies and coding with Arduino in education
Project no: KA220-SCH-09A8C16B
Fund provider: Erasmus+
Project Duration: 24 months (October 2023 - September 2025)
Total grant (€) 250.000


Project Consortium

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