As ICT increasingly shape the economy and society, the demand for digital jobs keeps growing but the supply of ICT graduates declines year after year. CEPIS recognises the threat that this poses for the ICT sector, the European economy and competitiveness overall. With the demand for ICT personnel with the right skills likely to increase in the future, we need to promote the participation and advancement of women in digital careers and encourage and stimulate the interest of women to engage in ICT-related studies. The CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force was established to pool the expertise from its Member Societies on the topic of women in ICT, share best practice and develop pan-European activities to increase women’s participation in the ICT profession. The group aims to grow the numbers of women working in IT professions in Greater Europe.

In April 2020, a study requested by the FEMM (European Parliament Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality) committee on "Education and employment of women in science, technology and the digital economy, including AI and its influence on gender equality" was prepared. The report is available in the attached files (right column on this page)

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CCS is represented in this group by its Board Member Ms Skevi Skordallou

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