New medals for Cyprus, by the student Theofanis Orfanou, in international programming competitions:

Infocup 2021 (11-13 / 02/2022)

Cyprus won the gold medal with Theofanis Orfanou in the Info1cup international programming competition, organized online by Romania. Cyprus was also represented by Orestis Souzos, Loukas Loukas and Polykarpos Christodoulou.

Innopolis Open 2022 (19-20 / 2/2022)

Cyprus won the silver medal with Theofanis Orfanou in the international programming competition Innopolis Open.

The students are members of the Cypriot delegation for the official IT Olympiads. Information about the Pancyprian Informatics Olympiad can be found on the website:

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