The project 
The Erasmus+ project wINGS ( aims to educate entrepreneurs on how to internationalise their business using innovative learning methods. More specifically, it is six innovative serious business and internationalisation games that a training course will support for the internationalisation of start-ups. The goal is to solve the special needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs and make available the proper training about essential aspects of the internationalisation process.

The partners
The University of Cyprus (Cyprus) is the coordinator. The consortium comprises the following partners: Danmar Computers LLC (Poland), Instalofi Levante S.L. (Spain), Business Foundation for Education (Bulgaria), INOVA+ (Portugal), and bit cz training (Czech Republic).

Who can participate?
VET/UNI Teacher; Trainer; Mentor; Entrepreneur; Student. We would like for you to participate in the pilot of the games and teaching notes. 

How to participate?
By evaluating at least one of the six chapters and its respective game (in the English version) and then completing a 15-minute end-user satisfaction questionnaire. The chapters, games and questionnaire will be available on this page:, and available for testing from 03 March 2021. You will have until the 31st of March 2021 to complete this in your own time. Those who would like to receive a certificate for the participation will need to provide a name and email while completing the end-user satisfaction questionnaire.

University of Cyprus

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