CCS supports the Digital Business Transformation Conference 2021, organised by BOUSSIAS on Tuesday May 25th 2021. 

The Digital Business Transformation Conference 2021, comes at a time when the digital transformation of businesses is no longer just a competitive advantage, but has become a determining factor for their operation and survival.
The pandemic highlighted the need for businesses and organizations for immediate digital transformation, thus accelerating the pace of adoption of new technological solutions. Of course, every business has special needs and must chart its own path of development. Achieving this requires self-knowledge, extensive knowledge of the tools available and information on successful examples that can be used as a template.
Based on these common elements of the methodology, the conference will provide answers to the most critical questions that concern the business.

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Please note that the CCS Members have a 25% discount on the conference ticket. Registration here

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Cyprus Digital Business Transformation Conference 2021

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