Ethical Hackers WANTED to join the 4rd Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge

The Cyprus Computer Society announces the 4th Cyprus Cyber Security Challenge (CCSC). The participants can be individuals aged 14-26 (born 1995-2007 inclusive) and can involve both professionals and non-professional, ethical hackers, security researchers but also self-taught in the field of cyber security who will be able to test their abilities against multiple goals in real time! The competition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense, the Digital Security Authority and has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth.

Goal of the competition
The competition is organized with the aim of identifying new talents in the field of cyber security, as well as encouraging young people to pursue a cyber security career. The goal of the competition is to identify 10 individuals who will consist the Cyprus Team that will participate in the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge (ECSC) which will be held in September 2021 in Czech Republic. ECSC is an initiative of the European Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).

Thematic area
The participants will be asked to solve challenges related to Cryptograhy, Pwn, Reverse Engineering, Web Exploitation, Forensics, Steganography and they will collect points for each challenge they solve. This will be a  CTF (Capture the Flag) competition and the 2021 edition will be under the theme «The Queen’s Gambit Edition».

Competition information
The CCSC will take place through an online platform and will have a duration of 18 days. It will be held from Sunday 1 April until 18 April 2021. Contestants will be able to participate, any day and time during the above period, from anywhere having Internet access to solve various online challenges in the form of CTF (Capture the Flag).

The language of the competition, as well as regulations and communication will be English.

Eligible Participants
Anyone born between 1995 and 2007 is eligible to participate for FREE.

Anyone wishing to take part in the CCSC μmust register on where the CCSC Rules are also available.

Organisational Issues
For more information, please contact Mr. Andreas Loutsios, Vice-president of CCS or Mr. Toumazis Toumazi Projects Officer of CCS (tel. 22460680 and [email protected]).

Organiser: Cyprus Computer Society
Under the Auspices: Ministry of DefenseDigital Security Authority
Approved by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth
Sponsors: Deloitte Cyprus, European University Cyprus - CERIDES, Grant Thornton, University of Nicosia
Supported by: CyberMouflons
Cyber Range platform offered by: Silensec
CCS Technology Partner: XM

An event in the framework of All Digital Week

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