The CCS supports the 3rd Cyber Security Conference, organised by IMH in collaboration with ISACA Cyprus Chapter on 28 September 2023 at Hilton Nicosia Hotel, in Cyprus.

Digital innovation helps enterprises to flourish and keep ahead of the competition. Nevertheless, the digital revolution for every company comes with risks and creates new vulnerabilities. Corporate executives need to stay current with today’s cybersecurity challenges. They need to implement strategies with which their organizations can timely identify threats, and create resilience against any form of cyber-attack. The objective of the Cyber Security Conference is to provide insights into setting up, maintaining and improving information security, protection against hybrid threats and protection of critical infrastructure of companies and institutions. This can only be achieved through education on how to prevent, detect and defend against cyberattacks.
IMH's Cyber Security Conference will bring together experts, policymakers and industry participants to discuss cyber security in a dynamically evolving global environment. It follows last year's successful conference and takes into account recent developments. Both the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have brought to the forefront new cyber-attack risks on individuals, businesses, and nations. Cypriot companies from all sectors and sizes are invited to participate in the conference. The conference focuses on issues and topics that are pertinent to senior cyber security executives, IT administrators, CEOs, and business executives.

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