The 1st Technology Summit, with the Motto “Cyprus Chapter 2.0”, a Boussias Cyprus event that aspires to become an institution, will take place on May 4, 2023 at the Hilton Nicosia, aiming to highlight the most important trends in the era of the new digital normal in Cyprus and to approach them by “illuminating” all its aspects with the speeches and presentations during its duration. 
The 1st Technology Summit, with the Motto “Cyprus Chapter 2.0” has three important modules in the field of digital transformation which are as follows:

  • ·        “It all adds up to The New Equation. Unleashing widespread digital transformation – The Next Chapter for Cyprus”
  • ·        "Smart-city Vision and Strategies"
  • ·        “Tipping the scales: How immediate is the need for hardening private-sector cyber defenses?”

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The sections that make up the Summit Agenda focus on the digital transformation of organizations and businesses, on Cyprus's effort to emerge as a technology hub in its wider region, on the optimal utilization of the ecosystem around Artificial Intelligence and its applications, on digital applications in banking space, in "smart cities" and the difference that their spread can bring to our everyday life, in the context of the transition to a new era. Finally, the entire concluding section is devoted to the major topic of cybersecurity, which concerns us all, as threats intensify daily and the fight against malicious users expands.
It focuses on the most current and “hot” topics, in terms of content and importance, in a holistic but also specialized wat, presenting best practices and concerns not only the senior executives of companies and organizations, but essentially every decision maker and general user of possibilities that technology now gives us, regardless of industry.

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