The Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) has successfully organized the first Open Hack Day in Cyprus   on the 1st of June, at the University of Nicosia, which has supported the event.


The CCS has been instrumental in promoting IT security by hosting and sponsoring conferences and symposiums in Cyprus for the last decade, serving the local industry, government, academia and public at large.  In this respect, the CCS inaugurated the Open Hack Day event with the main objective of raising awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT Security and at the same time encourage discussion and active participation. Featuring, two cutting edge presentations on key topics of information security and a live real time demonstration, this event attracted more than 100 IT professionals, students and enthusiasts.


The 1st presentation by Dr Mike Chung (KPMG Netherlands) focused on cloud computing and the security elements surrounding it  while the 2nd presentation by Mr Andreas Constantinides and Mr Angelos Printezis (Odyssey Consultants) evolved around Remote Access Trojans (RAT) and the risks they pose to systems and networks beyond and irrespective of the security infrastructure in place.  During the live demonstration by Mr Demetris Papapetrou (Information Security Researcher), the participants witnessed   a “white hacker” in action:  demonstrating how hackers  think, the methods and techniques they utilize to break into remote systems and networks.

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