The Pancyprian Competition Robotex Cyprus is organized on an annual basis by the Cyprus Computer Society in collaboration with a plethora of organizations.

The aims of the event are to upgrade the field of educational robotics, to introduce robotic technology in the educational process, to upgrade the STEAM scientific fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and to promote new forms of learning. The goals of the event are to attract students in STEAM areas, to develop 21st century skills, interdisciplinary analysis and problem solving, to develop a spirit of communication, teamwork and collaboration between pupils / students and teachers / academics and to learn basic code principles for solving problems.

The event is open to:

  • Students of all public and private schools of all levels of education in Cyprus (primary, secondary, technical).
  • Students of private and public educational/training centers
  • Students of all universities and colleges in Cyprus, public and private.
  • Soldiers and adults with an interest in robotic technology.

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