Bebras is an international student competition, a challenge, on Computational Thinking and is organized in Cyprus by the Cyprus Computer Society in cooperation with the ICT Teachers Association under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. Its goal is to promote Computational Thinking among students in a way that advances student ability beyond science and mathematical skills and enhance the students' analytical, algorithmic and problem-solving skills.  

Bebras®, the International Challenge on Informatics and Computational Thinking is organized every year since 2004. It all started as an idea of Professor Valentina Dagiene of the University of Vilnius, Lithuania with the aim of promoting informatics education. Today, Bebras is an international initiative of the corresponding community (The Bebras Community, 2017), aiming at the development of informatics and Computational Thinking amongst educators and students. In many countries, the competition is open to students at all levels from pre-primary school to lyceum. In Cyprus, it was introduced in 2012 as a challenge amongst gymnasium students and in 2020 for primary school students.

The Challenge is usually organized for the Gymnasium students only but efforts are in progress to also cover the primary school students. It is offered both in the Greek and English languages and students from both the public and private schools can participate. The challenge is made up of 20 questions ranging in difficulty and it consists of two rounds. The first round is open for a whole week for students to attempt from the school or home without supervision and the second round is organized in schools under supervision. 

As ICT becomes a commonly used tool of education, this playful contest ensures that both boys and girls equally benefit from it.

We are certain that Bebras encourages students to learn skills as well as enduring fundamental knowledge that will be helpful in their future studies and in life in general

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